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Is MikeCRM safe to use?

As an enterprise-level service provider, MikeCRM values data security more than anyone else since data security is the lifeline and foundation of MikeCRM. Maintaining the availability, stability and security of data is and will always be MikeCRM's top priority. We have made numerous efforts to safeguard and protect users' data in multiple aspects.

  • Firstly, Data security relies on a stable infrastructure. All the MikeCRM servers are hosted in Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun), for which provides world-class data security support that blocks cyber-attacks at the host level. Without a natural disaster, there is little chance of data loss. Even though a natural disaster happens, the backup and disaster recovery mechanism of Alibaba Cloud will effectively prevent data loss.
  • Secondly, we take data security seriously in the aspect of MikeCRM technology architecture. We adopt multi-level security mechanisms in front-end tier and database tier to prevent cyber attacks such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) etc. Sensitive information like password and data are all stored and transmitted in an encrypted manner to protect important data from malicious access by outsiders. We’ve implemented thorough backup mechanism to backup user data, by which will minimize users’ loss to the lowest level in the case of emergency.
  • In terms of company management system, MikeCRM team has strict rules that prohibit any staff from leaking users’ data in any way. In fact, inside MikeCRM, there are only few senior engineers having the authority to access database for database maintenance, which reduces the possibility of data leakage from our employees. For example, our service support staffs, who make the most daily contact with users, only have the authority to access users’ information concerning account and registration etc. They have no authority nor means of accessing to users' Submits and Contacts information. 
  • What's more, we take users' data security into consideration at every detailed aspect of our products.  For example, we adopt strict data isolation between different MikeCRM organization accounts. There is no way for different organizations to merge or transfer data, which, to the utmost extent, eliminates the possibility of data leakage because the same person has accessed to data from different companies or organizations.
  • From our past experience, most data leakage cases are due to the neglect of data collectors. Data collected by forms are able to be accessed not only through logging in MikeCRM account, but also through exporting to your computers, emailing to designated email addresses etc. Any carelessness in these steps will probably lead to data leakage. Taking all the factors into consideration, we strongly advise you to heighten your awareness of data security. The Methods include, but are not limited to, safeguarding your login account and password properly and not sharing them to other person; securing the export data and deleting the data in time to prevent any misuse by others. Developing these habits will definitely make your data much safer.

Is MikeCRM free of charge?

All the basic features in MikeCRM are free of charge: you can store and manage unlimited contacts, create unlimited forms, collect unlimited Submits, and invite as many colleagues as you want to collaborate with you.

MikeCRM has paid features. For example, if your file storage exceeds 500M of free storage, you need to buy more storage. Besides, you can also buy many cool features, such as form's extension packs, to meet your special needs.

One more thing, if you are using MikeCRM to carry out business on behalf of a company or an organization, MikeX, the enterprise edition of MikeCRM, would be the best choice for you, providing you with a more comprehensive range of functions and service support. Please feel free to contact us to know more.

When was MikeCRM found?

The company was found on the July 4, 2013 and MikeCRM was launched officially on September 14 at the same year.

MikeCRM is one of the core products developed and operated by Beijing YiDuoKe Information Technology Co., Ltd. The company was found on the July 4, 2013 and MikeCRM was launched officially on September 14 at the same year.

How to get customer service?

The customer service team is ready for your service. If you meet any issue, please feel free to contact us.

Service QQ:        800180039
Service Skype:
Service Email:
Wechat Official Account: mikecrm

You may also leave us a message by clicking the Customer Services button at the top right of the homepage, the "Contact us" tab at the bottom of the homepage and the Online Message button at the bottom left corner of the Wiki.

Your suggestions or thoughts are welcome at anytime.

What are contact widgets?

Contacts will be created automatically with the information filled in the contact widgets if you have added them in your form.

Contact widgets are a group of special form widgets, working as the bridge to connect forms and contacts.

If one form contains one or more contact widgets, the system will create a contact automatically with the information collected in the Submit by default. The information item of the contact, such as Name, Mobile Number, and Email, automatically corresponds to the data filled in the contact widgets.

Please note: there is a one-to-one correspondence between a contact widget and a contact information item. For example, the information filled in the Name widgets will turn into the contact's name even if you change the question label of the Name widgets from the default one to Email or anything else.