Dec 20

Newly online registration templates give you a leg up in year-end events!

Use our gorgeous templates to fast create a registration form, giving you a helping hand in year-end events organization.

Dec 18

1. New arrivals — Check out your Christmas emails templates!

Holiday greetings email templates with Christmas theme are online now. Holiday cards & promotion emails enhance your sales performance at the Christmas season!

2. Form language added Spanish and Korean.

Do in Rome as Rome does. Now the Form supports up to 10 different languages. You can easily set it at the Global Settings in the step of Body.

Dec 12

1. New form templates for Registration and Annul party are online.

New year is counting down. Conduct your year-end events with MikeCRM! Fast create various practical forms to smooth activity organizing process. Give it a shot now!

2. Check out these new Appearance templates!

Here are more templates updated in Appearance with Christmas and new year themes. Have a try and make your form more fascinating now!

Dec 05

Lucky Draw — You can hide parts of the information for lucky draw to protect privacy now.

Set "Hide parts of the information to protect privacy" in the Lucky Draw settings, then the personal  information (eg. mobile phone number) for drawing will be partly hidden for privacy protection. Learn more>>

Oct 16

London zone is newly online! MikeCRM have served 10 countries or areas.

A new momentum to the internationalization of MikeCRM — The London zone is newly added. Now we have 10 serving zones in total including Hangzhou China, Hongkong China, Silicon Valley America, Virginia America, Frankfurt Germany, Sydney Australia, Singapore, Tokyo Japan, Bombay India, London the United Kingdom.

Aug 20

Education form templates are newly released — back-to-school season gets easier with MikeCRM!

The brand new form templates for education industry are rolled out, containing situations in class registration, students information collection, attendance signing in, after-class survey etc. All of them are designed with high standards and esthetic expertise to give you a leg up in back-to-school season!

Aug 01

1. The Sale Widget was upgraded with the function of Default Quantity

Like the function of set an option as default in the Select Widget, Default Quantity is used to set a default number of a product a buyer can add. The set can save the time to fill up a form as a buyer will directly see all the products details at the Cashier area without adding product’s quantity.

2. Start at N Days after Today in the Date/Time widget was enabled

Different from the function of Limit date range, this new feature enable the start date showed in a date picker to be effective at N days later based on the date of submission, which can be used when an appointment can only be made n days in advance.

3. Feature upgrading: Filter results of submits can be all selected and further operated

By using Structured Filter you will get results from certain conditions you set. Now you can select all the results and further operate them.

Jun 11

1. Use Realtime Voting Graphics to display live poll results on a big screen!

It is highly recommended for promoting the atmosphere and improving the audience interaction when you conduct a realtime poll like sports team voting, candidates voting, etc. Create your form and use this feature with both new form templates and voting graphic templates of the World Cup theme now!

2. Roll out the FIFA World Cup 2018 form templates~

Newly added the World Cup form templates involve both team votings for each match and the related contents including the match schedule, peripheral products sale, etc. The World Cup themes of form appearance are online as well, which are available in the Appearance on the editing page.

3. The Lucky Draw is updated with the World Cup interface.

The World Cup interface is newly added for the Lucky Draw which can be helpful in the relevant activities as well~

4. The World Cup icon is newly online in the Button widget.

The Button widget is updated with the World Cup icon to match with your event related design!

May 16

Rich Text Editor Plug-in is newly applicable to header\ text shown when folded\ prompt words after submit now!

The applicable range of Rich Text Editor Plug-in has been extended to the title and description of header, the text shown when folded of Static Text widget and Static Img widget, and the prompt words after submit! Accounts already paid for the feature will be automatically upgraded~

Apr 27

Preview contacts attachment of picture directly on both mobile and PC~

It's available to obtain contacts attachment information in mobile backstage now. To check contacts attached pictures, there is no need to firstly download them and you can preview the images on the page of contacts details directly on both mobile and PC.

Aug 28

The Img Upload widget is available for form design/edit on mobiles.

When you design or edit a form on mobile browsers or our WeChat official account, you can use the widget "Img Upload" with its settings "Limit filesize" and "Allow uploading more than one files". Since the features on mobiles are being enriched, you can always expect a higher product performance and service from us.

Aug 25

New themes are prepared for the Chinese Valentine's Day and the Mid-autumn Festival.

Now, you can select a new batch of elegant form themes in the Appearance step, not only including themes for the coming Chinese Valentine's Day and the Mid-autumn Festival, but also being enhanced with different styles and wonderful colors.

Meanwhile, you could filter themes and adjust applied scope. That's to say, you can get the right themes quickly by filtering theme labels and colors, and choose part of the themes to be applied in the form. Enjoy the freedom to fly your imagination!

Aug 14

Explore more usage scenarios of Sale widget with its new setting "Hide product price".

In the APPEARANCE settings of Sale widgets, there is a new setting "Hide product price".

Along with the setting, you can use the FILLING SETTING "Limit inventory and single order limit" to manage reservation with Sale widgets. Compared with Select widgets, the quantity of product in the Sale widget can be larger than one, allowing multiple places to be reserved in one appointment. There are far more usage scenarios waiting for your exploration.

Aug 11

Adding comments for Submits on mobiles is online for far flexible Submits management.

You can catch the updates of Form-Submits in real time by turning on the new Submit notice in the form list of our WeChat official account. Beside checking Submits details, marking Star and Process status, now you have one more flexible choice to manage Submits - adding comments for Submits on mobiles.

FYI, visiting MikeCRM via mobile browsers could enjoy the same features as those in the WeChat official account.

Aug 09

In the Charts view of Submits, you can see the Sale widget statistic only for paid Submits now.

The Charts view of Submits is where you can get the statistics for some widgets in the form. With the IFP enabled, the statistic of the Sales widgets now displays the successfully paid Submits as a separate item for more targeted reference.

Jul 19

Sending information to submitter after payment is online.

The feature "Send information to submitter" not only works after a form has been submitted, but also could be applied after an order has been paid. From now on, you can choose to send the entire Submit content or customized content via Email/SMS to your clients after they've paid. In this way, the cycle of e-commerce is complete. Fly your imagination and enjoy the possibility brought by the feature!

Jul 13

New extension package "Check-In" meets all demands for event check-ins.

This package is most suitable for check-in scenarios such as site events, meeting attendance. When the package is enabled, you could find a check-in QR code at the form design step “Check-in”. Your clients, or the event participants could scan the code and fill in a verification question to complete the check-in process. In this way, you could tell the present from the absent as easy as blowing the dust off a table. Need it? Get it now!

Jul 12

Form Submit button can be fixed to the bottom when scrolling on mobiles.

Another experience improver is online - "Fix the Button to the bottom on mobiles" in the Submitting Area settings. With it checked, if the form is accessed by mobile browsers (WeChat included), the Submit button is fixed to the bottom of the screens when scrolling. For long forms that are not required to be filled out all questions, people could submit the forms at any time by clicking the Submit button. Brilliant feature for improving fill-in experience on mobiles!

Jun 29

Ticket-validation package is well-prepared for you to build an online-offline ticketing system.

After a form is successfully submitted, the After-Submit page would generate an E-ticket (12-digit ID and QR code) for your customers. You could validate the ticket on PC or mobiles by entering ticket ID or scanning ticket QR code. This package is best for scenarios where you need to verify and validate tickets like the admission to events, gift cards, etc. Besides, you could see the payment status of a Submit on its ticket, completing the ticketing process. Try and build your ticketing system now~

Jun 23

Rich Text Editor Plug-in, the best choice for customizable text styling design.

The ''Rich Text Editor Plug-in" extension package is available for text editing functions both in forms and mails. The text in the forms' questions and instructions for users and that in the mails' text slots are all supported by the plug-in, which allows you to set the Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout effects of the selected text, change the text color and its background color, and customize the font size.
Jun 21

1. Let's welcome the 5th system language – Japanese!

Following the steps of Chinese (Traditional) and Deutsch, Japanese joins in MikeCRM system language today. If you’re in Japan or good at Japanese, could you please introduce MikeCRM to your friends and help us improve MikeCRM with your suggestion or advice? Thank you so much!

2. On MikeCRM mobile sites, the feature "Share Contacts" is also available now.

Logging in MikeCRM via mobile browsers or our WeChat official account, you can share a contact when you view it at the Contact Details page. A contact can be shared via its QR code, text information copied, and SMS of your phone. Have a try now and enjoy the convenience brought by the mobile contact sharing.

Jun 19

Two more system languages Chinese (Traditional) and Deutsch are online.

In addition to the system languages Chinese (Simplified) and English, there are two more options available, Chinese (Traditional) and Deutsch. Users who are familiar with the two languages could get job done in MikeCRM under the correspondent language interface. You may switch interface language by choosing the language at the top right corner of MikeCRM homepage or at the Settings - My Account – Language after login. We'll do more efforts to accommodate users from different countries. : )

Jun 13

Share Contacts and let them play a greater role.

The function ‘Share a Contact’ empowers you to quickly send contact information via QR code, email, message and plain text across platforms. Now, show your contacts and get their greatest value!

Jun 06

Optimized mobile performance – Start/Stop forms on mobiles and turn page to the Prev/Next Submit swiftly.

From now on, you will enjoy the convenience of starting/stopping a form in the more options of the form in your form list when you use MikeCRM in MikeCRM WeChat official account or in the mobile site.

Viewing Submits on mobiles, you may tap the Prev/Next button at the bottom of the Submit details page and quickly turn the page to the next or previous Submit. 

May 27

1. Downloading Attachment from inside Notice is launched now. 

In the Global Settings of the form-design page, you can check "Notify me or other participants when a new Submit comes – via Email", and then receive Submit notices in the Email address(es) you've specified.  Now, with the feature "Downloading Attachment from inside Notice" bought, you can download the attachments (pictures, CVs, etc.) uploaded to your form inside the email notices received. What a efficiency booster, with which you can free from the trouble of logging your MikeCRM account to download attachments.

2. Image Edit Toolkit is well-prepared for you to edit site-wide uploaded images.

There are many features in the Forms and the Mails by which you may upload images from your devices to MikeCRM, with the purpose of beautifying forms or emails. From now on, you may resize the uploaded image, crop it, and switch its direction, if you've enabled Image Edit Toolkit, which is really a time saver.

May 18

1. Slider, the premium widget to display images with slideshow effect.

Buy the form widget Slider and explore the possibilities empowered by its slideshow effects, since more stunning images could be displayed in a timed sequence with no need of extra space.

2. The feature – Notify me when somebody payed, has been relaunched.

With the IFP enabled in one form, you can activate the feature in the form-design step Global Settings by checking the tab "Notify me when somebody payed" and inputting the email address or the mobile number to receive notifications. At this moment, this feature is only effective in the mainland China.
May 04

Send auto-triggered email/SMS to those who just submitted a form and keep them in the loop.

From now on, you can send confirming notification to anyone who has submitted your form with an Email or a SMS that contains all the content submitted. Furthermore, you may choose one of your Email or SMS template as the notification message. With this feature, a better and more instant interaction between you and your clients/customers is forged.

Apr 17

Let's welcome the Form Captcha, an Ext package for anti-votebot.

With the package enabled, a captcha must be entered to submit a form. Use it to defend against votebots and get a fairer voting result!

Apr 14

Contacts are searchable in MikeCRM WeChat official account.

By clicking the left menu "Contacts - Search" after you've linked your MikeCRM account with your WeChat account, you can search contacts by Name, Company, Mobile or Email to find contacts in seconds. In this way, you could get your clients' contact information anytime anywhere in the WeChat official account.
Apr 01

1. Insert videos into your forms with the new premium widget - Video Playback.

The form widget family has a new member – Video Playback. After buying it, you could insert a video by typing into its URL generated in the third party video sites. In this way, people could watch the videos in your forms.

2. Notification for new Submit via SMS is relaunched (China only).

From now on, you could regain the convenience of knowing the latest Submit via SMS when you're offline.

Currently, this feature is only available for Chinese mobile number. We'll include more countries in the near future. Stay tuned! ^^

Mar 29

1. Exporting the Analytics for Form-Submits as a PDF file is available now.

In addition to exporting and downloading Submits/Form files, now the feature "Export and Download" has been enhanced with one more function - exporting the "Analytics" for Submits, which allows you to download and save the statistical charts as a PDF file.

2. Form Submits can be exported on mobile browsers after you've logged in MikeCRM mobile site.

Visiting our website and logging in your MikeCRM account on mobiles, you may click the download button at the top right corner of the Submit manager page to export the Form-Submits as an Excel file. (Currently, this function is not available on the Submit manager page of our WeChat official account.)

3. The Static Img widget can be added and edited on mobiles now.

When creating/editing a form on your mobiles, you can add/edit "Static Img" widget now. With this feature, you can upload stunning images directly from mobile phone photo album to the form.

4. Renaming and duplicating a form can be done in the form list on mobiles.

Viewing your form list on mobiles or in the WeChat official account, you may rename, duplicate and delete a form by clicking it in the list to unfold its details, and then clicking the "•••" icon to get the settings.

Mar 24

"Create Form" on Mobiles can add and edit the Sale widget.

Creating/Editing a form on mobiles, you may add/edit the Sale widget. Now, build your e-commerce "empire" with the enhancement of the MikeCRM Forms on mobiles.

Apply larger images in the Img Select and the Sale widget to the form layout on mobiles.

The MikeCRM forms are mobile responsive. Currently, if you'd like to display one img option per row in the Img Select widget or one product per row in the Sale widget, you may set the Columns as "1 Col" editing the two widgets.

One image per row allows the image to be displayed in a larger room. Now upload pictures wider than 400px to impress your clients with high quality content. Don't forget to buy and turn on the "Form Loading Speed-up" ext package!

Mar 14

Creating forms on Mobiles stages a comeback with brand-new experience and high efficiency.

Now, you can create forms directly on your mobile phones by clicking the menu "Forms - Create one" in our WeChat official account or by clicking the "+" button at the top-right corner of the Forms module in our mobile site.

With a brand-new flow and interface to create forms on Mobiles, you'll enjoy a more easy-to-use and user-friendly experience. Try it now!

Mar 08

The first System Ext Package – Download Speed-up has been launched.

As long as your bandwidth permits, the package offers download speed at least 10 times faster than normal. Having bought it, you could enjoy an exclusive engine to accelerate the Export and Download for Form files, Contact files, and files with contacts or submits exported. Use it to download large-size files and save your time now~

Mar 06

Our WeChat official account "mikecrm" has been rearmed with features like Accounts, Forms and Submits.

Now follow our WeChat official account “mikecrm” and link your MikeCRM account(s) to view Forms, check Submits, and manage Accounts in WeChat. With richer features coming up, you can expect and enjoy more MikeCRM services in the official account.

Feb 27

The MikeCRM mobile phone database includes the carrier and the attribution of the 173 segment.

Since now, the features in the Contacts and the Messages support to recognize and show the carrier and the attribution of mobile numbers in the 173 segment, which belongs to the China Telecom.

As always, we will keep upgrading our database to provide you with accurate, complete and up-to-date data services.

Feb 23

The MikeCRM mobile site is optimized for a better experience in phones.

Now, visiting the MikeCRM homepage in your phone, you may click the menu tab at the top right corner to log in the mobile site, where you're able to view all your contacts and Form-Submits. We'll keep updating the user experience and features of the mobile site. The Mails and the Messages are also on the way, please stay tuned.

Feb 22

Use the Form Loading Speed-up package to boost the loading speed of your forms that have enormous images.

The "Form Loading Speed-up" extension package can provide the images in your forms with a faster loading path, which in turn will definitely accelerate the loading speed of your forms.  Once bought, it'll be effective immediately on all your forms. See more.

Feb 17

1.The Note for one contact is displayed in its QuickView.

You may view the basic information of one contact in its QuickView page by double clicking it in the contact list. Now, you can read the Note for one contact in the QuickView at a glance, which is definitely a boost to efficiency.

Don't forget, the contact Note can be added both manually and by Submits if the tab "Add to Contact’s Note" has been checked in the widget settings.

2. The pie charts can be clicked to enlarge in the Charts view of Form-Submits.

In the Charts view, pie charts are used to show the percentage of each option selected in the choice type widgets. You may have encountered the situation that there are too many options to be displayed in a well-organized manner. Now, you can click the “Enlarge” icon at the top right corner of a pie chart, and view the options and their percentages in a larger window.

Feb 15

The account type "Limited" is online for you to assign member permissions.

In addition to the existed account types "Admin" and "Normal", we've added one more role the "Limited". The limited account in your organization can view all your data, but can't delete or export any data.

Feb 10

New widget layout, the Left and Right, is available for widget question and its option(s).

Right now, in the Veteran mode, you may set the layout within a widget as "Above and Below" or "Left and Righ" in the widget settings. 


The "Above and Below" layout or the "Left and Right" layout refers to the relative position between one widget question (title and description) and its options (input box, choices etc.). It's easier to tell the difference between the two layouts in a form. Click to see the demo form >>

Feb 03

Deutsch is available in the Form Language.

Hello, German; Hallo, Deutschland.

Jan 16

1. Go design a form with English form templates.

When you choose to design a form using a template, you may change the language between Chinese and English at the top right corner to select one of the well-designed templates in that language.


We're working on enriching the form templates both in Chinese and English, so stay tuned!

2. Users with the IFP feature approved can resubmit the application to update the settlement account info.

Having been approved to use the IFP (In-Form Payment) feature, you may change your contact information or settlement account of the IFP by resubmitting the application. After the resubmission, you can continue using the feature, and the settlement dates stay the same if the application gets approved again.

Jan 11

New filling setting for the Date/Time widget: Limit available day(s) of the week.

Would like to schedule the available time of appointments only on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday? This demand is fulfilled now.


Under the veteran mode, you may check the "Limit available day(s) of the week" in the Filling Settings of the Date/Time widget to customize the selectable day(s) of the week. Go and see how easy it is to organize the schedules.

Jan 07

New service regions Frankfurt (DE) and Sydney (AU) are launched.

Users in Europe can sign up and enjoy MikeCRM services with the servers deployed in Frankfurt, Germany. Meanwhile, users in New Zealand and Australia can get a better experience by choosing the nearest service region Sydney, Australia.

Jan 06

1. Receiving Submit notifications via WeChat is available.

Link your WeChat account with your MikeCRM account in the system Settings - My Account on computer, check the "Notify me via WeChat when a new Submit comes" in the form's Global Settings, and follow our official account mikecrm in your WeChat. Then, you can receive the Submit notifications and view Submit details pushed by our WeChat official account in real time. Try it now!

2. The experience using Alipay to pay form orders in WeChat has been optimized.

When people choose to pay a form order via Alipay in WeChat, the notification page for redirecting him/her to pay in a browser is much more user-friendly. After the redirection, the Alipay App (both Android and iOS) can be opened directly for people to complete the payment. In this way, a higher payment success rate, a safer payment process, and a more smooth experience can all be enjoyed now.

3. New form themes for Chinese New Year are online.

The Spring Festival is the time for us to celebrate the New Year. Now, you can choose the newly-launched Spring Festival themes in the Appearance step with one click, and enjoy the full blessing and the joy of the festival.

We'll continue to publish more form themes for different festivals and occasions. Stay tuned :)


4. Italian is available in the Form Language.

Hello, Italy; Ciao, Italia.

Jan 05

Russian is available in the Form Language.

Hello, Russia; Привет, Россия.

Dec 29

French is supported in the Form Language.

Hello, France; Bonjour, France.

Dec 28

Japanese is available in the Form Language.

Hello, Japan; こんにちは、日本

Dec 22

We debut the MikeCRM V2.0, the biggest update ever.

It takes us three years to finally present you with the well-polished MikeCRM V2.0. Brand new UI, user-friendly interfaces, and restructured data system are all prepared to support our larger dreams for the "New MikeCRM V2.0" - building a marketing-oriented CRM platform to remove the barriers in information collection and customer management. We hope the brand new MikeCRM will help you seize every opportunity, make the most of each resource, and achieve higher goals.

Click here to get the things you need to know after the launch of the new MikeCRM. To know its new features, you may refer to the article A Preview on the Features of  MikeCRM V2.0.

Dec 21

The new Wiki is launched. 

December 21 is the day when the sun is the farthest of the year and also the start point becoming closer. As winter gives place to spring, everything is going to liven up soon.

The new Wiki is the prologue of the New MikeCRM. As always, we hope the Wiki will be the best guide for you to use MikeCRM.

Like the warm sunshine in the winter bringing comfort to hearts, MikeCRM will enable you to see the unseen and reach the unreachable. 

Sep 14

Today is MikeCRM's birthday, the very beginning of our journey.

MikeCRM V1.0 is online today.