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Account Types and Their Authorities

In MikeCRM, the Admins of an organization can invite others to join the team and collaborate with others to improve efficiency through the feature in the System-Organization - MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT. There are three types of account in an organization: Admin, Normal, and Limited.

If you're an Admin in your organization, you can set the account type for each member when you invite them through email. After that, you can also modify their account type, giving them different authorities.

So, what are the differences among the three account types in terms of authorities and features?

Admin Accounts

Enjoying the highest authorities, the Admin accounts can view all the pages and use every features. One organization can have multiple Admin accounts. The following features are only accessible to Admin accounts:

  • Manage Organization: only can the Admins view the menu "Settings - Organization". It's where the Admins could change the organization name, customize Sub-domain, invite members, modify member's account type, remove members, and dispose organization account. Read more about the features in the Organization.
  • Payment Settings: as one of the features in the Settings - Wallet, the PAYMENT SETTINGS is where to change the preferred currency to buy MikeCRM services. And the admins have the authorities to change it.
  • All Transactions: if an organization has been approved for using the In-form Payment, its Admins can see the button "All Transactions" at the upper right corner of the form list, clicking on which could view all the paid orders and the corresponding settlement record.

Normal Accounts

Except the above features for the Admin accounts only, the normal accounts enjoy all other authorities as the Admin accounts do.

The Normal accounts can view, edit, export, and delete all the data in Contacts, Forms, Mails and Messages. In other words, the Normal accounts have the same high authorities as the Admin accounts except that the Normal accounts have no authority in managing money and members.

Limited Accounts

The Limited accounts have the lowest authorities. Compared with the Normal, the Limited also enjoy the authorities in viewing all the data, but can't export or delete the data. More specifically, the Limited accounts can't delete contacts, forms, Submits, emails, messages no matter who create them. And they have no authority in exporting the resources and data like contacts and Form-Submits.

In this way, for those organizations that have high personnel turnover or data security requirement, setting some members' account type as the Limited is a wonderful option, because it doesn't compromise their needs for necessary functions to finish their work while it reduces the risk of data leaking & destruction on purpose from inner employees.       

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