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Trigger Mail – Sending a Customized Mail to Submitters

On top of group mail, we have added another powerful feature called “Trigger Mail” that allows you to automatically send a customized mail to submitters upon submit.  

The previous Mail function is basically a group sending feature that a mail template is edited beforehand and be actively “sent” to Contacts for as many times as you want. However, trigger mail is “triggered” when a person submits a form which is more instant and informative. 

How to set up “Trigger Mail”?

Under the Veteran editing mode, you can enable “Send an Email after submit” in the “Global Settings – Send information to submitter”. Then you can select an Email widget in the form as the receiving address and select a previously edited Mail as the trigger mail. In the last step, you can set up the subject, sender’s address and sender’s name and click “Confirm”.

Sending a trigger mail will consume Mail Quota. You can find the sending record based on the subject in the Mail Quota detail, and remember to replenish after you’ve used them up.

Send an Email after Payment

For forms that have enabled in-form payment, you can send a customized Email to submitters upon successful payment. It could be an after-sale service introduction, a voucher or a membership registration mail, making your service look more professional and reassuring the customers who just paid. 

The setting-up method of sending Email upon payment is same as sending Email upon submit. The only difference is the trigger condition.

A Few Showcases

For example, if you release an exhibition sign-up form you can create a mail that contains the agenda and venue information. Once people submit the form and sign up, it will be automatically sent to the participants. So considerate!

If you use a form to make class appointment or organize a hiking, you can send the curriculum or route to those who make successful appointment, saving you a lot of time to inform each of them.

One more example, if you are using our form to register business trip in your company, you can send the expense reimbursement regulation to your colleagues so that you don’t have to send them separately.

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