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Settings | Does the server region of accounts matter?

The new MikeCRM features a well-designed global architecture, aiming at providing service to people all over the world. You can not only switch languages but also select regions. What differences does it make when the server regions are different? Let's run it through. 

Tips: More regions and languages are coming soon!

The Location of Data Storage

You might have heard of "server region" a lot if you are an online gamer. It is named after the country/region where its server locates in, like CN, US, JP, EU, etc. The "region" in games is similar to the "region" in MikeCRM. Let's put it in this way:

Although people are playing the same game produced by the same company, different servers have different players because players’ data are stored separately. Say server regions in League of Legends, players whose data are placed in EU West server would never meet players in EU Nordic & East in the game. Meanwhile, different server regions may have different features, most seen in international games. For example, only the player in CN gets a grave after he/she dies in World of Warcraft.

Essentially, players of different servers are actually playing the "clones" of one game which look identical but are separated from each other. Hardly does a game allow you to transfer account from one region to another at will since transfer is a very complicated issue which we'd discuss another time.

MikeCRM works the same. When you sign up, your data are stored in different servers if you choose different regions. It does matter in terms of two aspects:

  • For yourself, the user of MikeCRM
    All the things you do in MikeCRM, such as login, form building, contacts management, emails/SMS sending, etc., are handled via server. If you choose US server while you're in China, you are actually visiting a foreign website. It would delay webpage loading or even fail to access because of long-distance data transmission. Please take it into account.
  • For those who submit the forms, or say, your customers
    The form you created are stored in the server you select as well. When your customers view or fill out the form, they are visiting that server too. If most of your customers are in US, Silicon Valley or Virginia would be a better choice for them to access the form.


How to choose the right region?

Once you choose the server region, it cannot be changed. Please make your decision carefully upon where you live and how you run business. Generally, the nearest region is the best. Choose Region Silicon Valley if you use MikeCRM in California; if your run "cross-border" business, we suggest you take you location and your marketing regions into consideration.

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