[Newsletter] New Service Regions Available with MikeCRM: Frankfurt and Sydney

2017-01-13 2139


When I said "See you soon" in the last Newsletter I didn't really mean it. But good news keeps popping out and I can't wait to tell you about it.

At first, I would like to wish you a happy new year. Personally, I have an uneventful year in 2016. Yep, not so cool. Well, 2017 has arrived so let's look into future. Out with the old, in with the new: may you have a good health, be happy all year through, and take more time to enjoy sunshine.

Tell you what, since we launched the new version, our team has been like "a new parent". We hardly slept a full night. Despite the hard work, we felt awesome. We've never dealt with such an overhaul. Upgrading a system is waaaay more than meet the eyes. With all the external functionalities (WeChat for instance), operation and maintenance system, customer service system, logos, copywriting and everything, we have so much on our plate. It's like renovating our house for New Year: Look over here! It's old. Let's change it! Feeling rich, isn't it?

Guess what? We feel so "rich" that we even bought more new servers.

If you registered after we launched the new version, you may have noticed that there were 6 regions to choose from: Hangzhou (CN), Hong Kong (CN), Singapore, Silicon Valley (US), Virginia (US) and Tokyo (JP). Now we have added two more in Europe and Oceania: Frankfurt (DE) and Sydney (AU). The more choices, the merrier. If you are in Europe and Oceania, struggle no more. If you are in South America, make do with US. If you are in South East Asia, go with HK or Singapore. If you are in Japan, stick with Tokyo.

Speaking of Japan, we have added Japanese, French, Italian and Russian to the form language, plus Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English. MikeCRM form now supports 7 languages.

For now the system language is limited to Simplified Chinese and English, however, with more form languages, the form you created can reach more people. This is one of the many perks we offer you.

Just so you know, MikeCRM maintains a relatively-small team. We are shorthanded to translate multiple languages so your help is highly appreciated: if you find anything inappropriate or sloppy in our translation, or if you can add one more language to our form, please feel free to let us know.

My gratitude especially goes to Blair边雪, Zoe, Toto, Сабрина, chengcheng and ConnieYe, who helped us translate. My gratitude also goes to Dada, a beautiful and talented photographer who contributes the background image of our login page. What a piece!

Alright, that'd be it. We are off to add more features to MikeCRM and make it cooler.

See you soon~~

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